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UPDATED 0751:hours, Thursday, July 29th, 2011

Chief Goss and I want to express our appreciation to all of our members who made this project a success. A BIG thanks to Richard Wilkie who was at the station start to finish, inventoried and marked all the radios, assisted the Daywireless tech Josh in the programming and basically managed the hands-on portion of the effort. It was the first time in the history of our department all of our radios, pagers and mobiles were together in one place at the same time. Over $40,000 in communication equipment!

Wilkie at the helm...
See Training Calendar below:


Training - August:
  • 11th 1800:hours: S-130 Basic Wildland Firefighter - 1900:hours wildland engine operations for all staff
  • 25th S-130 continues-wildfire cause and origin investigations and Standards for Survival for all fire staff 1900:hours regular training for all staff
Training - July:
  • 14th S-130 Basic Wildland Firefighter /I.C.S. for all fire staff
  • 28th S-130, Basic Firefighter continues at Curlew Station: IN-house meeting for all other staff. Report to your assigned stations. Please assure all engines, pumps saws and other equipment start and run. Check tanks for water, do vehicle inspections and record in station logs.

  • Training - June:
  • 9th 1800:hours began S-190 Basic Wildland Fire Behavior (Curlew Station clean-up by non student firefighters)
  • 1800:hours, June 23rd completion of S-190 (Curlew Station engine operations for non student firefighters)
Training May:
  • 1900:hours Thursday 12th Wildfire Refresher RT-130 (mandatory for red cards - good for EMS group who will be out with ambulance units on wildfire scenes).
  • 1900:hours Thursday 26th Engine exercise at Curlew Station
  • Wednesday, May 11th, 1900:hours Fire Commissioners meeting, Curlew Station
  • Wednesday, June 8th, 1900:hours Fire Commissioners meeting, Curlew Station
  • Wednesday July 13th, 1900:hours Fire Commissioners meeting, Curlew Station
  • Wednesday August 10th, 1900:hours Fire Commissioners meeting, Curlew Station

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  • Recent Incidents:
    1. 06-08-11 EMS Dispatched to Empire Creek at 1442 HRS, 52 year-old female, possible cardiac. CM-1, CM-4, CM-22, CM-25, CM-8 responded, agency assist from Sheriff Pete Warner. Transport to FCMH, return approx. 1830 HRS.
    2. 06-06-11 EMS Dispatched at 1230 HRS to Haag Road, ATV rollover, chest injuries. CM-9, CM-6, CM-4, CM-2, CM-22, CM-25, CM-8, CM-1 responded. Transported from scene by Med-Star, CM units returned at 1800 HRS. 
    3. 06-06-11 EMS Dispatched at 0640 HRS to St. Peters Creek Road, 64 year-old female, sprained ankle. CM-4, CM-22, CM-25 responded, transport to FCMH, return at 1040 HRS.EMS  
    4. 06-03-11 EMS Dispatched at 1145 HRS to Curlew, 78 year-old male, high fever. CM-22, CM-25, CM-4, CM-1, CM-6, CM-8, CM-9 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 1445 HRS.
    5. 06-02-11 EMS Dispatched at 1319 HRS to Valhalla Lane, 43 year-old male "hurts all over". CM-1, CM-6, CM-25, CM-9, CM-8, CM-5 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 1630. 
    6. 05-25-11 EMS Dispatched at 1613 HRS to Hwy 21 N, 13 year-old female, possible seizure. CM-1, CM-6, CM-9, CM-22, CM-4, CM-25 responded. Patient's mother refused ambulance transport, return at 1710 HRS.
    7. 05-25-11 EMS Dispatched at 1058 HRS to Curlew, 31 year-old male paraplegic, fractured femur. CM-1, CM-6, CM-5, CM-9, CM-17 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 1350 HRS. 
    8. 05-20-11 EMS Dispatched at 1224 HRS to Lancaster Road, 72 year-old male, light-headed, with history of stroke. CM-8, CM-9, CM-25 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 1530 HRS.
    9. 05-12-11 EMS Dispatched at 0101 HRS to Curlew, 43 year-old female, abdominal pain. CM-2, CM-4, CM-9, CM-22, CM-25, CM-20 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 0345 HRS.
    10. 05-11-11 EMS Dispatched at 1153 HRS to Puckly Wuckly Way, 55 year-old male, unresponsive with falling SpO2. CM-1, CM-2, CM-3, CM-5, CM-6, CM-9 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 1535 HRS.
    11. 05-05-11 EMS Dispatched at 1045 HRS to Wolf Camp Road, agency assist. CM-9 responded, return at 1125 HRS.
    12. 05-01-11 EMS Dispatched at 1445 HRS to Happy Hallow Lane, grass fire. CM-1, CM-6 responded. No injuries, return at 1637 HRS.
    13. 04-30-11 EMS Dispatched at approx. 1100 HRS to Richardson Lane, gunshot wound to the leg. CM-19, CM-73, CM-9, CM-11, CM-25, CM-2, CM-4, CM-26 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at approx. 0330 HRS.
    14. 04-26-11 EMS Dispatched at approx. 0100 to Freeman Road (this is a LOGGING road) 56 year-old female, unknown illness. CM-1, CM-9, CM-25 responded, CM-4 on standby at Toroda. Transport to FCMH, return approx. 0500.
    15. 04-22-11 EMS Dispatched at 1703 HRS to Valhalla Lane, 46 year-old female, abdominal pain. CM-1, CM-6, CM-9, CM-25, CM-5 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 1950 HRS.6
    16. 04-18-11 EMS Dispatched at 1845 HRS to Hwy 21 North, 74 year-old male, sick unknown. CM-22, CM-9, CM-25, CM-1, CM-6, CM-4 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 2100 HRS.
    17. 04-18-11 EMS Dispatched at 1718 HRS to Lancaster Road, 76 year-old male, abdominal pain. CM-2, CM-5, CM-9, CM-19 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 2030 HRS
    18. 04-18-11 1850 HRS: Dispatched to Hwy 21 N, 74 year-old male, sick unknown. CM-22, CM-9, CM-1, CM-6, CM-4, CM-25 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 2100
    19. 04-18-11 1720 HRS: Dispatched to Lancaster Road, 76 year-old male with abdominal pain. CM-2, CM-5, CM-19, CM-9 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 2030 HRS.
    20. 04-14-11 1800 HRS: Standby at live fire burn, Hummingbird Lane.
    21. 04-13-11 Magpie Lane fire, CM-2, CM-4 responded, CM-1, CM-6 on Standby 
    22. 04-11-11 1958 HRS: Dispatched to a structure fire, Empire Creek Road. EMS Stand-by only. CM-1, CM-2, CM-4
    23. 04-04-11 2323 HRS: Dispatched to a 67 year-old female, Tonasket Creek Road, possible cardiac. CM-1, CM-5, CM-9, CM-11, CM-4, CM-25 responded. Transport to FCMH, return to Quarters at 0130 HRS.
    24. 04-03-11 1513 HRS: Dispatched to a 69 year-old male, difficulty breathing, Hwy 21 N. CM-1, CM-6, CM-4, CM-9, CM-25 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 1810 HRS.
    25. 03-29-11 2059 HRS: Dispatched to female with possible diabetic problem, Curlew. CM-1, CM-6, CM-4, CM-2, CM-19, CM-25 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 2359 HRS.
    26. 03-29-11 1246 HRS: Dispatched to possible unattended death, Hwy 21 N. CM-9, CM-25 responded. Transport to Bergh's Funeral Home, return at 1415 HRS. 
    27. 03-20-11 1852 HRS: Dispatched to 27 year-old female, seizure, possible heart, Willy's Gulch Road. CM-4, CM-2, CM-26, CM-3 responded, CM-1, CM-19, CM-6 on standby. Transport to FCMH, return at 2200 HRS.
    28. 03-19-11 0949 HRS: Dispatched to an 80 year-old male, unresponsive, Tonasket Creek Road. CM-9, CM-25, CM-4, CM-5 responded, CM-22, CM-1, CM-6 on standby. Transport to FCMH, return at 1205 HRS.
    29. 03-18-11 1852 HRS: Dispatched to a 27 year-old female, possible stroke, possible heart, Willy's Gulch Road. CM-2, CM-4, CM-26, CM-5, CM-25, CM-20 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 0115 HRS.
    30. 02-27-11 0838 HRS: Dispatched to an 80 year-old male, refusing to eat, decreased level of consciousness. CM-2, CM-4, CM-22 responded, CM-1, CM-9 on standby. Transport to FCMH, return at 1145.
    31. 02-25-11 0759 HRS: Dispatched to an 80 year-old male, difficulty swallowing, Tonasket Creek Road. CM-9, CM-5, CM-25 responded, CM-22 on standby. Transport to FCMH, return at 1030 HRS
    32. 02-22-11 0955 HRS: Dispatched to an 86 year-old female, possible stroke, Hwy 21 N. CM-1, CM-9, CM-17 responded. Transport to FCMH, return at 1300 
    33. 02-19-11 1425 HRS: Dispatched to an 80 year-old male, possible stroke, Toroda Creek Road. CM-4 onscene in pov, CM-1, CM-6 resonded. Transport to FCMH, return at 1745 HR
    34. 02-08-11 2325 HRS: Dispatched to a 35 year-old female, chest pain and difficulty breathing, Kettle River Road. CM-2, CM-4 responded, CM-1 standby at Curlew Station. No transport.
    35. 02-08-11 EMS standby for chimney fire on Valhalla Lane
    36. 02-05-11 1447 HRS: Dispatched to possible unattended death, Hidden Meadows Lane. CM-5, CM-22 responded. CM-1, CM-4 on standby. Transport to Bergh's Funeral Home. Return at 1830 HRS.
    37. 01-11-11 0932 HRS: Dispatched to a 90 year-old female, flu-like symptoms, Lone Ranch Creek Road. CM-2, CM-22, CM-9 responded, CM-1 on standby. Transport to FCMH, return at 1330 HRS
    38. 01.09.11 Sunday: 2053: hours; EMS Call - Danville, Lone Ranch Creek Road, MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident), one patient, traumatic injury.  Med-1 and EX-1 responded, with CM1, CM6, Karen Quinnell, Chad Flom, Bruce Wills on Med-1, Dan Quinnell and Troy Reynolds on EX1.                               
    39. 12.26.10 Sunday: EMS Call - Danville, Race Street; transport to FCMH. Approximately 1200:hours to 1530:hours. Responders: CM-1, CM-6, CM-5, CM-19
    40. 12.25.10 Saturday: Christmas Day: EMS Call - Puckly Wuckly Way, medical call, transport to FCMH. Approximately 1100:hours to 1430:hours. Responders: CM-4, CM-26, CM-2, CM-3, CM-19. 
    41. 12.18.10 Saturday: Fire Call - structure fire at #59 Blue Place Road. Fire started as chimney fire and spread to outside wall and interior of structure. Residents called E-911 and managed to hold fire in place using garden hose until fire department arrived and took over operations. Structure saved with damage in area surrounding chimney. C100, C 98, C 90, C 92 (IC) , C95, C 57, with engines E 80 & 81 EMS on standby
    42. 12.09.10 Thursday: EMS Trauma Call - injury from fall; Boulder / Deer Creek Road; Transport to Ferry County Hospital. Dispatched 1200, return 1500, responders CM-1, 6, and 9
    43. 11.26.10 Friday 0508:hours; fire alarm to #50 Blue Place Road. Responding units C-100, C-200, C-98, C-92 (IC), C-57, with  engines E80 & 81; EMS on stand-by. False Alarm.
    Not all Ops and Incidents will appear here.
    Generally this page will be limtied to Fire Division Incidents.

    Incidents listed on this page include:
    • 12.22.09 The Old School Fire
    • 07.23.09 Semi-truck Accident Malo, WA
    • 06.19.09 Truck Fire, K2 Kinross Gold Mine Site, Curlew, WA
    • 12.31.08 Shop Fire, Empire Creek Road, Curlew, WA
    • 01.04.08 Hummingbird Lane Trailer Fire, Curlew WA
    12.22.09 Tuesday, 0112:hours; The Old School Fire

    07.23.09 Semi-truck Accident Malo, WA
    Hwy 21 Truck rollover; by Chief Foster

    Ferry/Okanogan Fire Protection District #14 Fire and EMS units responded to a call-out to a semi truck & trailer accident on State Highway 21 near Malo, WA at approximately 1600:hours. It was a hot afternoon under the summer sun for our extrication team in bunker gear as they managed the accident scene. EMS staff did a great job and transported a very lucky-to-be-alive truck driver. Ferry County Sheriff Deputies professionally managed the over all accident scene and kept traffic moving as smoothly as possible.

    Here are some images from the accident:

    Made for something of an ironic photo; the PASS WITH CARE highway sign caught up in the rear axle of the over-turned trailer. Fortunately road construction was underway and there was limited traffic on the highway. No other vehicle was involved in the accident.

    To keep traffic moving D.O.T. pilot vehicle leads traffic on old railroad grade bypassing the accident scene.

     Local construction equipment assisting in clearing the scene in the wake of the accident.

    General incident over-view looking south along State Highway 21 toward Malo WA.

    The accident scene looking north along the highway. Somewhere under the debris is a two lane state highway.

    Above: It was late in the evening before Highway 21 was fully reopened.

    Will close this for now. Forecast is for a large, dry summer lightning storm with the possibility of multiple ignitions. Time to gear up for another run...
    Drive safe...


    06.19.09 Truck Fire, K2 Kinross Gold Mine Site, Curlew, WA
    By Chief Foster:
    Ferry County E-911 Dispatch paged out for Curlew Fire "report of fire Kinross Gold Mine K2 site." That was at 0415:hours, early Friday morning. The mine site is within half a mile of my residence thus I was the first of the fire response group on scene. The first of this short series of photographs is what the truck looked like when I arrived on scene. Cab fully engulfed to say the least.

    Arriving on scene I did a safety size-up. Besides the obvious - truck on fire, I noted the following:

    1. Fire in the vehicle was at least an hour old given the amount of the truck burned.
    2. Power lines above the truck were probably still hot and possibly compromised due exposure to the heat. Possibility of tensile failure and charged lines falling.
    3. Not enough moisture in the smoke coming from the truck to pose a real problem of arching from the lines.
    4. Truck's diesel tank compromised and leaking, will need hazmat containment and recovery.
    5. Exposure - 2nd truck taking heat damage from fire, possibly compromise of mechanical systems.
    Once I found a safe place to park my command vehicle I established contact with the mine employee who reported the fire upon coming to work. He provided some additional details.

    Just a few minutes after my arrival WA DNR Highlands Engine 122 was the next resource on scene. Engine Leader set up a class A foam system in an 1.5 inch hoseline. Immediately afterwards Curlew engine 80 arrived on scene. The assistant Fire Chief was decked out in bunker gear and after a briefing noting the above hazards and a plan of attack, took the position of nozzle man. Other firefighters arrived and supported the effort. A mine employee started a 3,000 gallon tender and supplied water to the pumper truck.

    Other mine employees arriving on-shift were initially kept back from the incident scene. Although one mine employee had a good idea of using an on site 3,000 tender for water supply to the pump truck. That greatly assisted with the suppression effort. Once the fire department had the blaze knocked down the driver of the 2nd truck was allowed to move it from the exposed zone & into a safe area for inspection.

    Using the heavy equipment on scene and absorbent pads the mine in coordination with the fire department established a hazmat response and contained the diesel leaking from the burning truck.

    It was later determined that the truck that burned had been having electrical shorting problems. It is suspected that an electrical shortage in the truck systems started a fire which later consumed the vehicle in the early morning hours.
    12.31.08 Shop Fire, Empire Creek Road, Curlew, WA...
    December 2008, minus -12* and snowing; FY/OK FPD #14 firefighters and EMS respond to a structural fire call – fire burning in a newly constructed shop roof. The fire is well embedded between a corrugated steel roof and a corrugated steel ceiling with plywood sub-layers and wood rafters. Firefighters have difficulty gaining access into area between ceiling and roof.

    01.04.08 Hummingbird Lane Trailer Fire...
    FY/OK FPD #14 responded to a predawn call to a trailer fire left one commanding officer injured in the line of duty. Fire & EMS crews evacuated elderly occupants from fire in below 0* temperatures. The fire ripped through the trailer house exploding medical oxygen bottles and causing the firefighters to fall back to protect the outbuildings. The home was a total loss.