Fire and Injury Prevention and C.W.P.P.

Fire and Injury page contents:
  1. Ferry County Fire Prevention Cooperative
  2. Smokey Bear Fire Danger Rating Sign - Curlew, WA
  3. E.D.I.T.H. Fire Safety for Children
  4. Injury Prevention
  5. Community Wildfire Prevention Plan
  6. Curlew Barrel Derby Parade
FY/OK FPD #14 is proud to be a founding member of the Ferry County Fire Prevention Cooperative. The FCFPC membership also includes; WA DNR, Colville National Forest, Stevens CO #8/Ferry CO #3 Joint FPD, Colville BIA, FY/OK FPD #13 and various private partners.

FY/OK FPD #14 is also a founding member of the Ferry County Tramua Care Council, participating with multiple agencies throughout FY CO.
In 2009 FY/OK FPD #14 joined with WA DNR, Curlew Medical Clinic and Ferry County Memorial Hospital, WA DOT, FY CO PUD and Stotts Construction to establish a new Smokey Bear Fire Danger Rating sign in Curlew WA along side State Highway 21. The log framed, split larch shake roofed sign frame was commissioned from local wood craftsman Bearpaw. Here are some photographs of the completed sign. Feedback from the local community regarding this distinctive fire prevention message board has been very positive.
In the second photo we have the new sign, the property owner (and grandchildren), the wood craftsman (in cowboy hat) and DNR engine crew H-122 along side the new Curlew Fire Danger Rating sign. The SE slope of Vulcan Mountain is in the background.
E.D.I.T.H. Children’s Fire Safety program:

FY/OK FPD #14 is a founding member of the Ferry County Fire Prevention Cooperative formed in 1991 in the wake of multiple devastating fires where children lost their lives. In fact in between the 1980's and 1990's Ferry County was one of the worst counties, per capita, in the nation for children death to fires. With the formation of the Fire Prevention Cooperative and a sharpened focus on child fire safety that terrible statistic changed for the better. Here are some photographs of our staff involved with the annual Exit-Fire-Drills-In-The-Home (E.D.I.T.H.) that the fire prevention cooperative makes available to all schools in Ferry County.

Station captains Mark Kennard and Margo Locke demonstrate to school children just what its like to don heavy fire protection bunker gear as part of the public school student fire safety program. FY/OK FPD #14 also works with private schools in Ferry County giving all students equal access to this important fire safety message.



Injury Prevention...

CWPP - Community Wildfire Protection Plan:
FY/OK FPD #14 has been a core partner with WA DNR Highlands District, the Colville National Forest, Colville BIA, National Park Service Lake Roosevelt Recreational Area, and other partners in the development of the Ferry County Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

Pictured here is a CWPP planning meeting staged at FY/OK FPD #14 training room. Members of the community and county officials go over planning and risk assessment maps establishing W.U.I. (wildland/urban interface) boundaries.

An example of a draft wildfire risk assessment map of a populated local drainage.
Above is part of the Ferry County Community Wildfire Protection Plan team. The inter-agency, industry and citizen group worked together for over a year drafting a fire plan, identifying Wildland Urban Interface (W.U.I.) zones and developing action points in fuels reduction, defensible space projects and landscape fuels management.
Curlew's Annual Barrel Derby Parade:
Emergency Service staff and apparatus are nearly synonymous with parades. Here are a few photos of FY/OK FPD #14 participating in this annual local event.