Fire Division Training...

This page will be a collection of various training listed by date of occurrence. This in no way reflects the bulk of our training (we meet twice a month for two training hours each session).

The training sessions listed are:

  • 2011 Firefighter Physical Fittness Pack Test 04.30.11
  • 2011 Firefighter Training Live Fire Wildland 04.23.11
  • 2011 Firefighter Training - Live Structure Fire 04.14.11
  • 2011 Firefighter Training - SCBA and Ladders (03.10.11)
  • 2011 Firefighter Training - Bunker Gear (01.13.11)
  • 2010 Wildland Fire Training - drafting (06.24.10)
  • 2010 Fitness Test (04.17.10)
  • 2010 Live Fire Training Exercise (04.11.10)
  • 2009 Fire Blast Live Fire Training Simulator
  • 2009 Live Wildland Fire Training
  • 2009 Ladder Training / Firefighter Type 1
  • 2007 FY/OK FPD #14 Helicopter Orientation
  • 2007 FY/OK FPD #14 Extrication Team
Firefighter Physical Fittness Pack Test 04.30.11
Firefighter Training Live Fire Wildland 04.23.11
As part of the 2011 S-130 Wildland Firefighter training and annual refresher firefighters from FY/OK FPD #14 work with Ferry County Commissioners and Parks in burning weeds from Ol' Swimming Hole park in Curlew.
  Firefighter Training - Live Structure Fire 04.14.11
Firefighters from FY/OK FPD #14 engage in verious fire training operations during a live structural fire training event. Pre-ignition firefighters donned SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) and entered the smoke filled building. Later an initial attack was successfully launched in a fully engulfed bedroom and suppressed. And finally the structure was allowed to fully consume allowing firefighters to study advanced fire behavior. All of the work was accomplished in compliance with Department of Ecology practices.
Firefighter Training - SCBA and Ladders (03.10.11)
Troy checking gear on two firefighters,          Ben braces the ladder;                        Dani is ready to go...

The coaches are in place and ready;          Firefighting teams begin the ladder climb with SCBA and will search the loft...

Firefighter making a quick entry into the loft from the top of the ladder.
Firefighter Training - Bunker Gear (01.13.11)

This training session pertained to structural firefighting personal protective equipment - PP&E or Bunker Gear. Members are instructed in proper donning and doffing of this firefighting gear in a times environment.  
  Part of the classroom session to this training covered the importance of proper PP&E. We used an After Action Review format looking back on an incident where an injury occurred because of a momentary lapse of proper gear. At this training we also outfitted our new Junior Firefighters.

06.24.10 Wildland Fire Training - drafting

Above: We took advantage of the summer of the late summer sun to take this photo of some staff and apparatus at the Curlew Station.
Above and below: Captain Mark Kennard is leading a wildland fire training exercise in drafting water from several different pump sources.

2010 Fitness Test

FY/OK FPD #14 has developed FITNESS STANDARDS based on the following guidance:
The State of WA Department of L. & I. Safety Standards for Firefighters WAC 296-305-01509
1. The Fire District shall assure that firefighters who are expecting to do interior structural fire fighting are physically capable of performing duties that may be assigned to them during emergencies.

2. The Fire District shall not permit firefighters with known physical limitations to participate in structural firefighting emergency activities unless the employee has been released by a physician to participate in such activities.

National Interagency Incident Management System, Wildland & Prescribed Fire Qualification System Guide, PMS 310-1:

1. Fitness Standards – Personnel must meet established physical fitness standards for wildland and prescribed fire assignments. Agencies have the latitude to determine the method of evaluating the physical fitness level of their personnel within a measurable evaluation process.

2. The following four categories of physical fitness have been established:

Arduous = 45# carried for one mile course with a walking time under 15 minutes
Duties involve field work requiring physical performance of above-average endurance and superior conditioning. Duties may include occasional demand for extraordinarily strenuous activities in emergencies under adverse environmental conditions and over extended periods of time. Requirements include running, walking, climbing, jumping, twisting, bending and lifting more than 50 pounds; the pace of work typically is set by the emergency situation.
Moderate = 25# carried for one mile course with a walking time under 15 minutes
Duties involve field work requiring complete control of all physical facilities and may include considerable walking over irregular ground, standing for long periods of time, lifting 25 to 50 pounds, climbing, bending, stooping, squatting, twisting and reaching. Occasional demands may be required for moderately strenuous activities in emergencies over long periods of time. Individuals usually set their own work pace.

Light = one mile course with a walking time under 15 minutes
Duties mainly involve office type work with occasional field activity characterized by light physical exertion requiring basic good health. Activities may include climbing stairs, standing, operating a vehicle and long hours of work, as well as some bending, stooping or light lifting. Individuals almost always can govern the extent and pace of their physical activity.
Duties normally performed in a controlled environment, such as incident base or camp.
Vital signs:
• Pre-test; firefighter pulse should be between 60 and 90 beats per minute (depending upon stress level).

• Post test; (one minute screening) will be high, 120-140 bpm.

• Post test; the 10 minute check should show pulse recovery back to the pre-test level.
If vitals are abnormally high or irregular, we will run a rhythm strip on the firefighter just to see if there's any indication on our heart monitor of a problem. We will check their BP and pulse again in 5-10 minutes if it's still high at the 10 minute mark. Additionally we are screening for abnormally high blood pressures before and after the pack test.

2010 Live Fire Training Exercise

2009 Fire Blast Live Fire Training Simulator

2009 Live Wildland Fire Training...
2009 Ladder Training / Firefighter Type 1


FY/OK FPD #14 Helicopter Orientation...

2007 FY/OK FPD #14 Extrication Team...