2010 Recent Operations and Incidents

Not all Ops and Incidents will appear here.

Incidents listed on this page include:
  • 04.02.10 Tucker Road Roll-over, Single Vehicle Accident:
  • 03.12.10 Friday, 0645:hours, Single Vehicle Roll-over Accident; Mile Post 4, Toroda Creek Road
  • 03.04.10 Wednesday, 1000:hours Structure Fire Call #47 Massey Lane
  • 02.15.10 Monday, Structure Fire Call #15 Kiehl Road
  • 01.26.10 Tuesday, structure fire, County Store on Hwy 21 N.
04.02.10 Tucker Road Roll-over, Single Vehicle Accident:

At 2200:hours on Friday, April 2nd, Curlew EMS & Fire responded to a single car roll over accident near the junction of Hwy 21N and Tucker Road. The single, injured occupant was transported to Ferry County Memorial Hospital.

03.12.10 Single Vehicle Roll-over Accident; Mile Post 4, Toroda Creek
This morning, Friday, March 12th Ferry / Okanogan Fire Protection District #14 emergency responders were busy. The first medical call came at 03:30:AM and the Med 1 ambulance and crew rolled out of Curlew Station for that transport. Later in the morning, around 06:45:AM as the Med 1 crew were just arriving back at Curlew Station a call came out from Ferry County E-911 Dispatch of a single vehicle roll over accident on Toroda Creek near the Ferry / Okanogan county line. Curlew EMS and fire units were on the roll moments later responding with two ambulance units, a rapid attack engine (in case of vehicle fire) and EX-1, the extrication apparatus the department has assembled and trained on for the last few years. This is our most technical extrication response to date. The patient was fully entrapped within the vehicle which had launched off the roadway and landed on it's top in a nearby field. Firefighters cut off the passenger door and removed the doorpost after stabilizing the partially crushed Jeep Cherokee. It took several firefighters and two EMTs to extract the trapped driver from the vehicle. The patient was transported to Ferry County Memorial Hospital, injuries unknown at the time of this writing.

03.04.10 Wednesday, 1000:hours Fire Call #47 Massey Lane
Chimney fire has spread into roof of house. Homeowner is holding fire at bay with built in sprinkler system and use of garden hose. Homeowner prepped for arrival of Curlew Fire Department by placing a stout ladder adjacent to chimney for access.

Rapid Attack Engine 80 and Engine 84 with 2,000 gallon Tender 12 were dispatched to scene. Assistant fire chief incident commander with four firefighters assisting on incident. Med 1 with three staff dispatched as well to support firefighters.

Heavy smoke was exiting roof when firefighter group arrived on scene. Flames were beginning to vent outside of roof. Once fire apparatus was on scene garden hose was put into tank to augment engine water supply. Due to homeowners’ action and solid construction, fire was limited to attic and roof top. Firefighters cut a 4X6 opening thru roof to ventilate smoke and gain access to attic. Firefighters managed to contain fire to attic and eventually control it there.

Home was saved. Most of the damage appeared to be water damage from sprinkler system.
0215.10 Monday, Structure Fire Call #15 Kiehl Road

Double residence building with connecting breezeway. Older primary building caught fire and was a total loss. Incident Commander identified breezeway as point to contain and control spread of fire. Strategy succeeded with the application of proper tactics and firefighters managed to hold fire from spreading into second wing of structure and garage. As can be seen in the first image, fire seriously impinged the second wing of structure. Fortunately solid construction of newer, second wing of structure contributed to firefighter success. Continuous water flow from "portable hydrants" apparatus Tender 010 (2,000 gallon) and Tender 011 (2,000 gallon). Approximately 25,000 gallons of water were used to contain and control this structure fire.

01.26.10 Tuesday, structure fire, County Store on Hwy 21 N.

Faulty wiring caused a fire in the storage area of The Country Store on Highway 21 N. After calling 911 store owner called next-door neighbors Stotts Construction. The shop crew grabbed fire extinguishers, tools and even a backhoe. By the time FY/OK FPD #14 arrived there were only flames in the overhead facade. Good work Stott's crew! Engine 80 & 81 responded, firefighters finished the contain and control of fire, did a mop-up and over-haul and returned to station.