FY CO Trauma Care Council

Ferry County
Emergency Medical Services
Trauma Care Council

The purpose of the Council is to provide leadership in the planning, supervisions, and coordination in the development of emergency medical services throughout the portion of Ferry County that is also covered by the East Region.

Our General objectives include:

1.1 Survey the current need for emergency medical care training; identify, assist, and/or ensure the delivery of training which meets those needs.

1.2 Approve all applications for initial training classes and OTEP programs, and provide oversight to all EMS training in Northwest Ferry County.

1.3 Recommend individuals to the Department of Health for membership on the East Region Council. (WAC 246-976-970)

1.4 Review and make recommendations to the Department of Health for individuals applying for recognition or renewal to be Senior Emergency Medical Technician instructors in Ferry County. (WAC 246-976-970)

1.5 Develop and periodically review policies and procedures to govern the operation, training, and utilization of existing resources within the emergency medical services of Ferry County.

1.6 Assist in the application for state and federal funding requests to expand and improve emergency medical service capabilities.

1.7 Participate with the Medical Program Director, emergency communications centers, and the East Region Council in the development of regional Patient Care Procedures. (WAC 246-976-970)

1.8 Review, evaluate, and provide recommendations to the East Region Council regarding the East Region plan. (WAC 246-976-970)

Our representatives are from:

Ferry County Public Hospital District

Ferry County Government

Ferry County Sheriff

Curlew Fire and EMS  FY/OK FPD #14